The Best Nusa Penida Island Cruise Trip You Can Get

May 31, 2019

Do you ever dream of having a Nusa Penida Island cruise trip? Now it’s not a dream anymore, you could do it every time just by calling us, Bali and Beyond Tour. Never heard of Nusa Penida? Why does it deserve your romantic visit? To find the answer you just need to read this one.

Why Do You Need A Nusa Penida Island Cruise Trip?

Why do you need to get a Nusa Penida Island trip by a cruiser? Is the place really worth it? Nusa Penida is a newborn destination spot, yet it’s the best one Bali ever has. Rather than Kuta, Sanur, and other beaches at Bali, Nusa Penida is still clean and less crowded. So you can spend more time to do romantic things with your beloved more privately. Moreover, it has a bunch of destinations that will make you love it even more. You could visit more than 50 destinations just by coming to a single island.

Things You Can Do With Your Beloved at Nusa Penida

But what romantic things you can do at Nusa Penida? You don’t need to question it anymore. Just think, what would you do on an island with the numbers of destinations? Let’s give you a clearer image of Nusa Penida.

Snorkeling on Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay hasn’t only the beauty at its beach, but also its underwater life. When you come here, you could see outstanding underwater scenery just by three meters snorkeling. You don’t even need the diving equipment to do it. Seeing this with your spouse would be an unforgettable moment.

Diving With Manta Fish

Manta is a gigantic ray species with 15 meters in length and 10 meters in width minimum. Swimming with this giant would give a sensation you could never get in other places. Taking a Nusa Penida Island cruise trip would also give you this privilege.

Have a Romantic Walk on Angel’s Billabong

Like the name, Angel’s Billabong indeed an angelic place. It has a clean beach with a greenish blue sea. Walking along the beach at Angel’s Billabong would be a romantic moment you don’t want to miss.

Take Pictures on Very Many Points

There are so many nice places at Nusa Penida to take pictures. As a couple, you surely need to capture the best moments in your life. And Nusa Penida has many astonishing backgrounds for it.

Have a Romantic Dinner at the Front of the Sea

Nusa Penida has many cafes and restaurants that give romantic service to couples who get here. So you just need to stop at one of the restaurants and booking a romantic seat. Then the owner would prepare the best place for you and your couple.

Recommendation of Nusa Penida Tour With The Best Service

Among all tour service at Bali, the best one that has a notable reputation is Bali and Beyond Tour. Especially if Nusa Penida Island Cruise trip is what you need. With just $120 per person, you could feel the sensation of riding a cruiser through the Golden Egg of Bali. The price you pay isn’t just for the trip, but it’s including hotel transfers, water sports equipment, and lunch. So if you want to do snorkeling or other sports, you don’t need to rent the equipment all by yourself.

That’s all about the best Nusa Penida Island cruise trip with us, Bali and Beyond Tour. Want to book your seats now? Just chat us on WA 0857 3820 6468.


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