Best Rafting Bali Package You Could Get Ever

October 1, 2019

Are you looking for any rafting Bali package to satisfy your adventure feeling? Well, you don’t need to search on any other pages more. Just from this site, you’ll know where to go and what to do to get the best rafting experience in Bali. Curious to know about it? Read the article we’ve made for you.

The Best Spots To Do Rafting At Bali

Bali is popular for its marine destination spots, such as beaches and underwater life. With its tiny size, people mostly assume that Bali doesn’t have any other kind of tourist attraction. But the thinking is just too harsh. Bali also has some outstanding rafting spots to satisfy people. They’re not as popular as spots like beaches, though. But trust me, you’ll love them once you arrive there. Here is the list of best rafting spots at Bali

Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja is one of the best rivers you could find in Indonesia. It has a wide space, with rapid streams and various rocks here and forth. Unlike other rafting rivers, Telaga Waja water is so clean. Besides, the circumstance is also full of light from the sun. Although there are very many trees there, the river looks open and less hazy. So you don’t need to feel scared to do the rafting here, all you’re going to feel is just fun and fun.

Ayung River

Ayung has this 12 kilometers rafting route that will gag you up. It’s even harder than Telaga Waja route, so if you’re an amateur it’s not recommended to try this one. If you’re already accustomed to rafting and want to get a heart-pounding adventure, choosing this place would be the best.

If you take a rafting Bali package tour, an ideal tour service should give you at least one instructor. The function of this instructor is to accompany you through Ayung river extreme routes. Pity, not all tour services understand the importance of this. However, if you choose Bali and Beyond tour, you must’ve gotten the instructor you need.

Recommendation of the Best Rafting Bali Package

So what is the best recommendation of rafting Bali package recently? Among all the choices available, we must be asking you to choose us, Bali and Beyond Tour. The rafting Bali package we provide is the best from the rest, with simple transaction yet complete facilities.

Bali and Beyond Tour have been popular for years as the best choice of tourists, especially those who come from abroad. Our service and packages are known as the best of its class, so you don’t need to doubt us anymore.

What Makes Bali and Beyond Tour The Best Rafting Service

So what makes us deserve your choice? Why do people call us as the best provider of rafting Bali package ever? This is the answer.

We always offer quality at a modest price. Our priority is to give you maximum pleasure, we don’t take money as the main one. For example, the price range we offer for Telaga Waja rafting is only $55 for adult (and $20 less for kids). And for Ayung rafting, we’ll just cost you for $40 and $30 for adults and kids. These prices are so much less than other rafting tour services at Bali.

With this cheap price, we’ll still give you the best accommodation and facilities. The price you pay’s including hotel transfers, morning drink, professional instructors, meal, towel, and toilet facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your chance to feel the sensation of rafting Bali package with Bali and Beyond Tour. Just contact us on 0857 3820 6468 or email us on

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