Komodo Island boat tours

October 9, 2019

Komodo Island boat tours still become the best option for tourists to have a trip at Komodo. Besides its simplicity, riding a boat can make the tourists save their energy to do more visit while on Komodo. However, there are only a few tours and travels providing this kind of service. And the best one you can choose is Bali and Beyond Tour. Curious to know more about us? Take a minute to relax and read this article.

A Glimpse About Bali and Beyond Tour

Bali and Beyond Tour are known as one of the best tour services at Bali and Nusa Tenggara. It’s not only because of the complete facilities we provide, but also the cheap prices we put on our service. Rather than earning more profits for ourselves, our priority is to give the best holiday moments for our customers.

If you choose us as your trip partner, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction during the trip. You’ll be free to choose a trip package as well as a boat package we provide. You can ride one of four boats we provide during the trip. Also, there are four trip packages we offer. Just choose which one is the most suitable for your trip.

Boats Package To Komodo Island

During your trip to Komodo Island, you won’t be visiting just a single destination spot. More than that, we’ll bring you to do the island trip. So there’ll be many places you could enjoy, including other islands in the area of Komodo. To get to this place, we’ll bring you on Komodo Island boat tours. As we mentioned before, these are four boats you can choose to ride.

Lazy Pirate

Lazy Pirate is a traditional wooden boat with black color upon its entire surface. Even if it’s traditional, the machine we use is modern, that is Mitsubishi 6D15. This beautiful boat could bring up to 11 guests and 4 crews at once. It also has 8 single beds, a double bed, and an extra bed inside. The facilities included a dining area, cabin with AC, bathrooms, safety jackets and snorkeling equipment.

Alcira Phinisi

Alcira Phinisi is an elegant Phinisi made at Sulawesi 2 years ago. It could contain 12 passengers maximum, with 2 double rooms, 4 single beds, and cabins with AC. There’s also charging points for you who wants to charge up your PC or handphone. Inside this boat, you’ll get four times the meal service a day from our chef. Above all, this Phinisi uses the latest technology as we use a solar system to produce electricity.


CarpeDiem will fit all your needs during Komodo Island boat tours. The boat is supported with 6-Cylinder Mitsubishi D16 161HP, with Yanmar 17.5 as its generator. You can get the complete facilities here, from 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, sunbathing spots, and relaxing place on the upper deck.

Komodo Adventures

This is the unique boat of the rest. Komodo Adventures is a boat we intentionally built for keeping the environmental sustainability. Still, you can get the complete facilities here. Such as 3 air-conditioned cabins, toilet with shower, small speedboat, kitchen, safety jackets, and snorkeling equipment.

That’s all the boat you can choose to do Komodo Island boat tours. Bali and Beyond Tour might be the first and only tour who has this stunning facility. So don’t wait for more to feel it, just contact us by email on gdesudiarta8@gmail.com or Whatsapp 0857 3820 6468.


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