Full Information About Komodo Island Boat Tour

May 25, 2019

Do you want to have a Komodo Island boat tour with your family? Don’t know how to do it? Just relax, because right on below we’ve gathered some information about it for you. After reading this, you’ll have the picture how you gonna through your trip on Komodo Island. Curious about it? Start your read from here.

What You Can Do On Komodo Island Boat Tour

Komodo Island boat tour provides you astounding facilities to do so many things. Once you come here, you’ll certainly be satisfied with all the activities you could do. However, what is the activities? Here’s the detail.

Doing All Marine Activities

When you take a boat tour on Komodo Island, you couldn’t just ride the boat across the sea. Nope! Moreover, you could still do many sea activities you love, such as swimming, surfing, and many else.

Doing Many Marine Sports

There are so many marine sports ready to use on Komodo Island area. You could do the snorkeling, canoeing, riding a banana boat, and so on. You’ll be very glad to see how good the sports facilities around Komodo Island.

Visiting All Destinations At Komodo Island Area

Komodo Island isn’t just having the Komodo, Komodo, and Komodo. More than that, it has many beaches, parks, and underwater spots to visit. That’s why having a tour on Komodo Island wouldn’t be wasting time.

Riding A Boat or Living In A Cruiser

When you take a Komodo Island boat tour, you’ll have some options to do the trip. First, you could go just by riding a boat through the sea. Secondly, you could rest yourself on a cruiser after the boat tour’s over.

Destination You Can Visit On Komodo Island Boat Tour

There are many destinations you could visit when having a Komodo Island boat tour. Here are some of it.

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a small city in the Komodo region, West Manggarai. Besides Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo is popular as one of the best snorkeling spot in the world. With the high amount of tourism spots, Labuan Bajo would satisfy your trip.

Komodo Park

Want to see directly how these dragons alive? Don’t only dream or watch it on TV, you need to come here and see the Komodo all by yourself. If you take the Komodo Island tour, visiting this park is one of the main courses you can enjoy.

Pink Beach

Did you ever hear about the beach that has pinkish sands? There are some pink beaches in the world, but the most beautiful one is located in Indonesia. If you take a tour package on Komodo Island, you usually would visit this pink beach called Tangsi.

Manta Point

When you take a visit on Komodo Island, some tours would allow you to do the scuba diving on Manta Point. What would you get here? You could dive and swim with Manta fish! Manta is known as the biggest ray species in the world. It could reach 30 meters in length and 15 meters in width.

Padar Island

Padar is one of the most beautiful islands on Komodo Island’s circumstance. It’s a good place for photographers to seek for great views. And what makes it even special is the beaches that have different colored sands, it is white, black, and pink.

Rangko Cave

Rangko is a natural cave on the edge of a beach. The best time to go here is in daylight. Once you enter the cave mouth, you’ll see many stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. After the deeper you go into the cave, you’ll find an awesome natural pool. There’s no restriction to swim on it so you could enjoy the pool as long as you like.

The Best Provider of Komodo Island Boat Tour

Not all travels could give you many conveniences to do the Komodo Island boat tour. Most travels maybe will just guide you to the destination without giving any facilities such as transportation. Hence, before you come here, it’s best for you to check on the internet about the best travel service on Komodo Island circumstance.

And you already find us, Bali and Beyond Tour. You wouldn’t find our service on any other else. It’s because we’ve been popular as the best touring service in Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

Good Things You’ll Get When Choosing Bali and Beyond Tour

Then, what things we have to make your Komodo Island trip becomes a memorable moment? These are what you could get when choosing us as your partner.

Best Destination Spots To Visit

When you choose us as your touring partner, we’ll take you to many destination spots as mentioned above. Rather than other travel services here, we used to get our customers to visit more destinations. So if you want a full and satisfying tour at Komodo Island, there’s no other better choice but Bali and Beyond Tour.

Friendly Tour Guides

During your vacation with us, we’ll provide you some tour guides. All the guides from Bali and Beyond Tour have been trained to be as friendly and keen at English. So we could listen to all your questions and answer it without making a misunderstanding.

Doing Trip By Riding A Boat or Cruiser

We have our own boat as well as a cruiser to give the customers the best service. Once you book a Komodo Island boat tour on us, you could choose which boats suited by your needs. If you prefer a romantic trip with cruiser, you just need to ask us. We have a high reputation as the best travel service with cruiser trip package.

Trustworthy Service

We’re committed to giving a trustworthy service for all our customers. For us, giving customers satisfaction is more important than just getting mere cash. If you feel like discomfort by our service, you could tell us any time. We’ll improve it special for you.

Full Facilities

Once you have a trip with us, you’ll get the full facilities to do all the activities during the trip. Such as when you want to do the scuba diving. We’ll provide all the diving equipment you need. If you need a diving mentor, you could ask our crews anytime.

That’s all the information about Komodo Island boat tour and the best place to get it, Bali and Beyond Tour. Contact us through the site or WA right now and book the sensation of getting the best trip in life.

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