Boat Tour to Komodo Insland

October 25, 2019

Are you planning to go to Komodo island? If you’re going to spend a day there, then you have to use this tour package. A boat tour to Komodo island can be your choice.

Trip To Komodo Island Price

Komodo island has a lot of things to explore. This island has beautiful beaches and welcoming villagers. They will welcome you warmly. Having a trip to this island will give you an unforgettable experience.

There is various kind of trip to Komodo island that you can choose. The price itself depends on what tour you are going to. However, generally, the price starts from IDR 1,620,000. You are going to get the facility like the return ticket and etc.

Kinds Of A Boat Tour To Komodo Island Specifications

We offer you various Komodo cruise for your journey to Komodo island. Each boat has different features and facility. Moreover, you will get the best holiday experience using this boat. Here is the review of the boat tour to this island.

  1. Lazy Pirate Boat

If you’ve ever seen a pirate movie, then this boat is one of what they use. This lazy pirate boat was built in 2015. It is a traditional wooden boat. In addition, this boat itself has a dimension with 20 m length and 4.5 m width.

The engine in this boat itself is Mitsubishi 6 D15. There is four crew in this boat. Moreover, the cabin itself has 8 single beds, one extra bed, and one double bed. There are a bunch of facilities offered here.

They are an outdoor dining area, sundeck, cabin with AC, two bathrooms and snorkeling equipment. For the safety equipment itself, there are 12 life jackets, first aid, and 2 Lifebuoys. There are also two Lifebuoys.

  1. Alcira Phinisi Boat

This boat is a bit different with Lazy Pirate boat. Alcira was built in 2017 in South Sulawesi. It is a traditional wooden boat that can accommodate till 12 passengers. This boat provides every guest with space and comfort. This boat offers what most Labuan Bajo boat don’t have.

Alcira offers two double rooms completed with queen size beds. Moreover, there are also two cabins that have four single beds with charging points and AC. Your boat tour to Komodo island will give you a new experience.

It’s because this boat can carry the passengers with comfort but go pretty fast. Using the solar system technology makes this boat have all day long electricity. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if your phone or electricity is about to die.

  1. CarpeDiem Boat

This is another stunning extraordinary boat. The design of this boat will make you amaze. CarpeDiem boat was built in 2017 in Flores. This kind of boat provides comfort to its guests. In addition, the size of this boat itself is 24 x 4,4 meters.

The material used in this boat is just like Pirate and Alcira boat which is wood. However, this boat uses 6-cylinder Mitsubishi D-16 for its engine. The water tank can retain 4200L water.

There are some facilities that this boat offers like three AC bedrooms with bathroom in each. Then, there is also one Kingsized and Queen-sized bed and also one Bunk bed. You will find a cozy open-air spot if you go to the Upper Rear Deck.

  1. Komodo Adventures Boat

The last type of boat that you can use to this island is Komodo Adventures boat. This boat was built in 2017. Komodo Adventures boat is an environmental sustainability boat that’s ready for public or private. If you have a honeymoon, then use this boat tour to Komodo island.

There are a lot of facilities that this boat has. They are three main cabins with AC and one private toilet in the master bedroom. There is also one sharing toilet equipped with a shower. If you want to experience riding a skoci then this boat is your choice.

There is a small speedboat/skoci for the guests. Moreover, if you like to do some cooking, there is also a kitchen. Life jackets are also provided. There is also a snorkeling gear if you want to do snorkeling. This is why this boat tour to Komodo island is so special.

One Day Trip To Komodo Island

Have you ever thought about having one day trip to Komodo island? It seems a bit impossible to have this trip but think again. However, if you manage the time well, you can have a wonderful experience ever.

It’s because, in a day, you can visit some places on Komodo island. Each place has different characters and view. Here are the places you can visit on a one day trip to Komodo island.

  1. Labuan Bajo

Once you get to Labuan Bajo, you need to prepare everything. Starting from breakfast then all electricity is ready to capture the moment. Apart from that, Labuan Bajo is very outstanding for its sunset. However, if you do this one day trip, you won’t get the sunset.

There are other interesting things here. You will find some beautiful caves on this island.

Moreover, there are also a lot of beautiful cliffs. You can take some photos of this area. No wonder if Labuan Bajo is also referred to as a romantic place.

  1. Rinca

The first destination of your tour will be in Rinca. You need to know that Rinca island is the second largest island. You will meet a Komodo dragon on this island. This place is referred to as the best place for the visitors to meet the Komodo dragons.

There are also other animals you can find on this island. Those are wild boar, water buffalo, horses, macaques, and Timor deer. There are three tracks that you can choose to start a journey here. Having a boat tour to Komodo island will give you the best experience.

  1. Kelor

During lunch time, you will be on the way to Kelor island. This island is quite different from Rinca. It’s because this is a tiny uninhabited island. The most thing that you will enjoy here is unspoiled nature and peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Kanawa

The last destination in your tour will be in Kanawa island. This island is one of southeast Asia’s idyllic islands. You can enjoy snorkeling here. Plus, the spectacular reef will give you more mesmerizing view.

Those all of the boat tour to Komodo island that you can have. The price seems very acceptable with the facility and experience that you will get.

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