Komodo Island boat tours

October 9, 2019

Komodo Island boat tours still become the best option for tourists to have a trip at Komodo. Besides its simplicity, riding a boat can make the tourists save their energy to do more visit while on Komodo. However, there are only a few tours and travels providing this kind of service. And the best one you can choose is Bali and Beyond Tour. Curious to know more about us? Take a minute to relax and read this article.

A Glimpse About Bali and Beyond Tour

Bali and Beyond Tour are known as one of the best tour services at Bali and Nusa Tenggara. It’s not only because of the complete facilities we provide, but also the cheap prices we put on our service. Rather than earning more profits for ourselves, our priority is to give the best holiday moments for our customers.

If you choose us as your trip partner, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction during the trip. You’ll be free to choose a trip package as well as a boat package we provide. You can ride one of four boats we provide during the trip. Also, there are four trip packages we offer. Just choose which one is the most suitable for your trip.

Boats Package To Komodo Island

During your trip to Komodo Island, you won’t be visiting just a single destination spot. More than that, we’ll bring you to do the island trip. So there’ll be many places you could enjoy, including other islands in the area of Komodo. To get to this place, we’ll bring you on Komodo Island boat tours. As we mentioned before, these are four boats you can choose to ride.

Lazy Pirate

Lazy Pirate is a traditional wooden boat with black color upon its entire surface. Even if it’s traditional, the machine we use is modern, that is Mitsubishi 6D15. This beautiful boat could bring up to 11 guests and 4 crews at once. It also has 8 single beds, a double bed, and an extra bed inside. The facilities included a dining area, cabin with AC, bathrooms, safety jackets and snorkeling equipment.

Alcira Phinisi

Alcira Phinisi is an elegant Phinisi made at Sulawesi 2 years ago. It could contain 12 passengers maximum, with 2 double rooms, 4 single beds, and cabins with AC. There’s also charging points for you who wants to charge up your PC or handphone. Inside this boat, you’ll get four times the meal service a day from our chef. Above all, this Phinisi uses the latest technology as we use a solar system to produce electricity.


CarpeDiem will fit all your needs during Komodo Island boat tours. The boat is supported with 6-Cylinder Mitsubishi D16 161HP, with Yanmar 17.5 as its generator. You can get the complete facilities here, from 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, sunbathing spots, and relaxing place on the upper deck.

Komodo Adventures

This is the unique boat of the rest. Komodo Adventures is a boat we intentionally built for keeping the environmental sustainability. Still, you can get the complete facilities here. Such as 3 air-conditioned cabins, toilet with shower, small speedboat, kitchen, safety jackets, and snorkeling equipment.

That’s all the boat you can choose to do Komodo Island boat tours. Bali and Beyond Tour might be the first and only tour who has this stunning facility. So don’t wait for more to feel it, just contact us by email on or Whatsapp 0857 3820 6468.


How to Get Best Bali Rafting

October 2, 2019

Having Bali rafting tours is one of the advantages you could get by visiting this island. Seriously, if you think Bali only has beaches and cultures, you get the wrong idea. Since Bali also has some stunning rafting spots you’ll regret to pass. Want to know more about rafting experience in Bali? Just check this out.

Spots You Could Visit To Do The Rafting

You could visit some rafting spots while on Bali. It’s not so many, though. But the amount of rafting rivers here is enough to give you satisfaction. Among at least seven popular rafting spots at Bali, two of them have the best fascination. These rivers also at the best tourists’ choices when they want to have Bali rafting tours.

Telaga Waja Sites

Telaga Waja is a wide, clean, and of course a rocky river. If you’re getting used to seeing rafting spot which is gloomy and eerie, you won’t find that kind of river here. Telaga Waja always gets enough sunlight despite the location at the center of the plantation.

Rather than trembling by the routes and circumstance, you could find more pleasure here. The route is still obviously rocky, but it’s an appropriate spot to do the rafting with family.

Ayung River

Contrast with Telaga Waja, Ayung river has an extreme route for 12 kilometers far. The route is full of big rocks and rapid stream. So for a newcomer, it’s very recommended to always listening to the instructor’s guide.

The Best Bali Rafting Tours You Can Get

After knowing the best spots you could visit, now the question is about Bali rafting tours you need. So, how to get the best rafting tours at Bali?

The answer is very easy; you just need to contact Bali and Beyond Tour. For years, tourists believe us as the best tour service in Bali. Not only for providing Komodo Island or for Nusa Penida tour, but we could also give you the best Bali rafting tours here.

Don’t believe what we say? You could check all about us on this site,

What Makes Bali and Beyond Tour The Best Bali Rafting Tours Service

So why do we’re being called as the best Bali rafting tours service? There are many answers to it. But according to our customers, these are things that make us spectacular.

Outstanding Facilities

We’re always committed to giving the best facilities to the customers. Once you book a surfing seat with us, you’ll get all the rafting facilities you need. The facilities we provide is more complete than any other service tours.

A Professional Instructor

During your rafting activities with Bali and Beyond Tour, a professional instructor will accompany you. We always prioritize our customer’s safety, that’s why we provide an instructor to assist you when doing the rafting.

Very Affordable Price

Our Bali rafting tours’ price is known as the most affordable one. If you’re a newcomer tourist, the tour services here mostly will use this to double the price. However, it won’t happen if you choose us. All the prices we offer are listed on our site, so you could always get the information there.

Friendly Service

We are also popular as the most friendly tour service at Bali. We understand that the core of service business is its service, so that’s what we always work for.

Easy and Simple Booking

Booking a seat on Bali and Beyond Tour is as easy as it could be. You could come to our office to do the booking, but actually, you don’t need to. You just need to chat us on 0857 3820 6468 or email us at

That’s all about Bali rafting tours with Bali and Beyond Tour. Don’t waste more time and book your adventure with us now


Best Rafting Bali Package You Could Get Ever

October 1, 2019

Are you looking for any rafting Bali package to satisfy your adventure feeling? Well, you don’t need to search on any other pages more. Just from this site, you’ll know where to go and what to do to get the best rafting experience in Bali. Curious to know about it? Read the article we’ve made for you.

The Best Spots To Do Rafting At Bali

Bali is popular for its marine destination spots, such as beaches and underwater life. With its tiny size, people mostly assume that Bali doesn’t have any other kind of tourist attraction. But the thinking is just too harsh. Bali also has some outstanding rafting spots to satisfy people. They’re not as popular as spots like beaches, though. But trust me, you’ll love them once you arrive there. Here is the list of best rafting spots at Bali

Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja is one of the best rivers you could find in Indonesia. It has a wide space, with rapid streams and various rocks here and forth. Unlike other rafting rivers, Telaga Waja water is so clean. Besides, the circumstance is also full of light from the sun. Although there are very many trees there, the river looks open and less hazy. So you don’t need to feel scared to do the rafting here, all you’re going to feel is just fun and fun.

Ayung River

Ayung has this 12 kilometers rafting route that will gag you up. It’s even harder than Telaga Waja route, so if you’re an amateur it’s not recommended to try this one. If you’re already accustomed to rafting and want to get a heart-pounding adventure, choosing this place would be the best.

If you take a rafting Bali package tour, an ideal tour service should give you at least one instructor. The function of this instructor is to accompany you through Ayung river extreme routes. Pity, not all tour services understand the importance of this. However, if you choose Bali and Beyond tour, you must’ve gotten the instructor you need.

Recommendation of the Best Rafting Bali Package

So what is the best recommendation of rafting Bali package recently? Among all the choices available, we must be asking you to choose us, Bali and Beyond Tour. The rafting Bali package we provide is the best from the rest, with simple transaction yet complete facilities.

Bali and Beyond Tour have been popular for years as the best choice of tourists, especially those who come from abroad. Our service and packages are known as the best of its class, so you don’t need to doubt us anymore.

What Makes Bali and Beyond Tour The Best Rafting Service

So what makes us deserve your choice? Why do people call us as the best provider of rafting Bali package ever? This is the answer.

We always offer quality at a modest price. Our priority is to give you maximum pleasure, we don’t take money as the main one. For example, the price range we offer for Telaga Waja rafting is only $55 for adult (and $20 less for kids). And for Ayung rafting, we’ll just cost you for $40 and $30 for adults and kids. These prices are so much less than other rafting tour services at Bali.

With this cheap price, we’ll still give you the best accommodation and facilities. The price you pay’s including hotel transfers, morning drink, professional instructors, meal, towel, and toilet facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your chance to feel the sensation of rafting Bali package with Bali and Beyond Tour. Just contact us on 0857 3820 6468 or email us on

Nusa Penida Snorkling

September 24, 2019

Everyone knew that Bali has an incredibly stunning underwater view. It listed as one of the best spots to witness the marine life, either by snorkel or dive. Among the body water surrounds the islands, the new popular destination is Nusa Penida. The reason is that it still has an untouched vibe compared to the Bali main-island. That’s why many people interest to do Nusa Penida snorkeling trip for the first-hand experience about the underwater beauty.

The island is the biggest island of the famous three Nusa islands from Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan. Although the biggest, Nusa Penida considerably less developed for tourist compared to the other two. But that’s where the rugged beauty of the island is charming people to come. It has numerous snorkeling spots with their natural glory. Thus, made it the perfect place for your to-go-place for snorkeling. For that reason, you may consider preparing these things below for your snorkeling trip:

  1. Equipment

For your Nusa Penida snorkeling trip, the first thing you should prepare is the equipment, such as snorkel mask, snorkel tube, fins, and floating vest. Without the proper equipment, you may have a hard time to enjoy your time in the water. If you’re doing your snorkeling trip with a travel agent, then you don’t need to worry, since usually, the travel agent will provide them for you. But to make sure, you should confirm to the agent beforehand whether you have to prepare beforehand or not.

  1. Rash Guard Shirt

Although some people enjoy snorkel in a swimsuit or the usual long t-shirt, the rash guard shirt is a better choice. The reason is that it can protect your skin from the UV. Not to mention, it also quicker to dry and has lighter material than the cotton material shirt. Some people also prefer for wet suit out of their rash guard shirt, either it long or short. If you also do prefer it, then it’s best to choose for the skin-friendly breathable material wetsuit.

  1. Water Bottle

When doing your Nusa Penida snorkeling trip, it’s possible for you to get dehydrated. The reason is that unconsciously, we use more energy when we’re in the water. That’s why you should bring along water bottle when snorkel. Moreover, you wouldn’t get to drink anything when snorkeling if you don’t bring a water bottle, because you’re in the sea.

  1. Towel and Changing Clothes

Make sure to bring a towel to dry your body faster. Even if actually rash guard t-shirt is quicker to dry, but for a while, you still have to feel the chill since your clothes are wet. Better yet, bring changing clothes for you to change after the snorkel. That way, you can continue your journey right away after your snorkeling trip, since it’s possible for you to have another destination.

Those things above are necessary items to prepare for your Nusa Penida snorkeling trip. Other things you may consider are the waterproof camera and waterproof bag. That way you can capture the beautiful scenery below the surface and protect your belonging. Also, don’t forget about sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses for more protection from the UV.

Lembongan Islan Day Trip

September 23, 2019

Lembongan island is a small yet beautiful island near Bali. This place has its own uniqueness and different from Bali itself. You can spend more time here because there are several hotels that are so comfortable to live in. But if you only have one day to spend here, just don’t worry. Because there is Lembongan island day trip which can you do only in one day.

About Lembongan Day Trip
We provide some package of Lembongan island trip. But here are some important things about Lembongan island day trip which just need only one day.

1. What Can We Do In Lembongan Island?
In this small island, you can find some beach. Every beach is beautiful. You also can do the snorkeling activity.

We provide snorkeling tools, so you can use it easily. This activity can take you to a different point of view. Seeing sea creature, some fishes and the blue of the ocean’s water.

Then, another interesting thing to do is water sport. You can ride a banana boat once for free. The banana boat will take you to an incredible experience and maybe make your clothes wet.

2. What’s Included In One Day Trip Full Activities?
By purchasing our one day trip you will get the pickup service from the hotel. You will depart at 09.30 am from Sanur. Then go back to Bali from Lembongan at 04.00 pm.

While in Lembongan you will do snorkeling and banana boat. This trip will also give you a welcome drink and lunch.

Don’t worry if you forget to bring a towel, because we provide it for you. The last thing you can do while in Lembongan island is an island tour. You will see a while of Lembongan island.

3. How Much Is The Price?
The package price is really affordable. For an adult or child above 10 years, the price is 1.100.000 rupiahs. The for the child before 10 years old costs 990.000 rupiahs.

Its included the boat ticket for go to Lembongan and back to Sanur, Bali. You can go with friends or family to do this incredible experience without spending a lot of money or waste your time.

Plus Things About This Package
This package is really cheap. Because actually, the boat ticket itself cost more than 600 thousand rupiahs to way tickets. So the snorkeling, banana boat and island tour is really cheap.

It will be different if you come alone without joining this package. You might be confused about what things to do here alone. And need to purchase anything by your self.

First, you need to purchase a fast boat ticket. Then especially for an island tour. You need to rent a motorcycle to do this short trip. And of course, it will cost more than 1.100.000 rupiahs.

With this package, you will not need to rent any motorcycle or car. We will carry you to the whole island with our vehicle.
This package is suitable for you who need a short escape from business or work.

Going to Lembongan with this Lembongan island day trip is an awesome way to take a rest.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Price

September 3, 2019

Mount Batur’s track is attractive to the tourist because it’s not too high (1717 m). This mount has a great view of the sunrise which cannot see in another place. Here is some information about the mount Batur sunrise trek price and another important detail.

How Much Is Mount Batur Trekking Price?

The price difference for each pickup points. So when the tourist purchases the trekking ticket, they will also get the pickup service.

The pickup point is in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, and Ubud. If you are going to this trekking from Nusa Dua you must pay 60 US dollars. But if you are from another pickup point you just need to pay 50 US dollars. Nusa Dua and Jimbaran cost more expensive because the place is farther from the starting point of the mount Batur trek.

How Is The Schedule?

The pickup will start from 01.00 if you are in Nusa Dua. But if you are in Kuta or Sanur, the vehicle will pick up at 01.30. You must come before the pickup time because you have to catch the sunrise.

At 03.30 you will arrive at the starting point and having a free breakfast. After that, the trek begins until the summit crater. There, you can wait for the sunrise and see the incredible view of it.

You can walk there and take a rest until 08.00 am and then walk down the mountain. This walk will spend about an hour. After that, you will be able to go back to the hotel with our vehicle.

What Items To Bring?

For you who never done the mount climbing before, this information will be very important. Mount Batur is really cold. So you need to bring a jacket. Choose the waterproof one because you might find a dewy air.

Use long pants instead of a short one because you don’t know whether the temperature is too cold for you or not. Choose the lightest one because it will help you to walk easier.

The next thing which is important is hiking shoes. There are a lot of types of shoes. But choose the strongest one. It can be a boot or comfortable hiking shoes. The hiking shoes usually easy to step in the ground and has anti-slip sole.

Some Things To Consider

If this is your first-time mountain climbing, you may consider understanding your health. Don’t go if you are not feeling well.

The long track may make you feel tired or sick after the walk. Bring your own medicine too to prevent some incidental case.

Our guide will help you directly with pleasure. For example to take your photo or if you need a rest while climbing. Just tell them that you need a break and they will wait for you patiently.

What Can I Get By Purchasing This Trip?

The first thing that you get is a new experience. Then you don’t need to look for another vehicle to come to the starting point. We know that looking for public transportation at midnight is really hard.

So we provide a free pick up and drop off service. The next thing you will get is a free breakfast and a flashlight. The trip will be easier because the mountain track is still dark while you come.

Then you will get a local guide which can tell you all about the mountain. Your trip will not just a hiking activity but also a way to learn something new.

This mount Batur sunrise trek price is really cheap for this big experience. Imagine that you can do a sport while seeing the great view of sunrise and get new information about Mount Batur. This is a really great and fun thing to do in Bali.


Do The Komodo Island Boat Tour From Labuan Bajo With This Boats

August 22, 2019

Do you know that Komodo island is not only one place to visit? There are several islands that tourist can visit near Komodo island. You can use a boat to go through all the island, and we provide that with some choice. Here are some boats that can use to do the Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo.

1. Komodo Adventure Boat

The first boat is komodo adventure boat which can carry some passengers to have a great trip like a sailor. It has 3 main bedrooms.

Each bedroom is very comfortable with the air conditioner. So don’t need to worry about the heat in the sea. It also has a toilet and shower which need to share with another passenger.

This boat is ideal for some new traveler who wants to try the Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo. The boat isn’t too big but comfortable to live in for a couple of days.

2. Carpe Diem Boat

The second boat is bigger than Komodo adventure boat because the designer wants to give the passenger an experience to do sunbathing in front deck. This boat has three bedrooms.

Each of them also has an air conditioner to make the room more comfortable. But every bedroom has a different size.

The master bedroom use king size bed, the other one use queen size bed which is smaller and the last one use bunk bed. This boat is suitable for families with several children.

3. Alcira Phinisi Boat

Phinisi is one of the best designed traditional boats from Indonesia. The alcira is bigger and can carry 12 passengers inside it.

There are 2 bedrooms with a queen size bed and 2 cabins, which contains 4 single bed. This boat is made from strong wood just like a real phinisi boat.

Alcira is a comfortable way to be a sailor. You can feel the best experience of a cruise trip with this boat.

4. Lazy Pirate Boat

The last boat called lazy because you can be really lazy there. This boat is very comfortable. The most comfortable and incredible boat than another that we have.

The design is related to the pirate boat which uses black and white themed flag. And a beautiful interior design. If you want to explore the sea with friends together, this boat is the best choice.

It can carry 11 guests which also can have their own bed. There is 8 single bed. One double bed and one extra bed if you need.

While sailing through the ocean, you can enjoy the sunny weather and the heat of the sun on the deck. The deck is decorated with some pillows so you can take a rest or a nap there. If you don’t like the sunbathing you can just chill inside the air-conditioned bedroom. 

Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo can be so exciting because of the comfortable boat. You can spend more than just one night above the sea without feeling bored or having seasick.

It all because of the boat is so comfortable and feels like sleeping in a hotel or house. This is an incredible way to explore Lombok and another Gili around it.

Fast Boat Bali To Gili Island, The 4 Things Important To Know

August 13, 2019

There are three Gili which near to Lombok. Actually, Gili means island. So if you purchase the fast boat Bali to Gili island here, you can go to that island. Every island has its own uniqueness. You can choose which Gili you want to visit and buy a one-way ticket or return tickets. Here is some detailed information about the fast boat Bali to Gili island trip :

  1. Price

There are 2 different prices for a fast boat ticket. One way ticket and return ticket. For one way ticket, you can go to Gili Trawangan, Meno or Air from Padangbai, Bali.

Then when you want to go back to Bali you need to buy another ticket. It cost 400.000 rupiahs. This ticket is best for you which want to go to another place like Lombok or Labuan Bajo instead of going back to Bali.

But if you are planning to go back to Bali, it better to buy the two-way ticket which cost 750.000 rupiahs. It’s cheaper and easier than buying the one-way ticket two times.

You just need to buy this ticket while departing from Padangbai. And when you are ready to come back, no need to queue again in the harbor. Just go up to the fast boat.

  1. Route

This is very important. Not all fast boat departure pass through these three islands. Normally, for departure from Padangbai, the fast boat Bali to Gili island will pass Gili Trawangan first.

Then Gili Meno and Gili Air then arrived in Lombok. Then while going back to Bali, the boat passes through Gili Trawangan, Meno, Air, Lombok and arrived in Padangbai, Bali.

  1. Departure Schedule

This fast boat will depart from Bali in 3 different times. The first departure is at 09.00 and will pass all Gili. The second will start at 11.00 am and also pass all Gili too.

The third which is the last departure from Bali, will not pass Gili Meno and depart at 13.00 at noon. While the departing schedule from Gili Trawangan will start at 10.30-12.00. So if you plan to use the fast boat from another place such as Gili Meno or Air, you should get ready before 12.00.

This is an approximate time schedule. It is better to get ready a half hour before the schedule to make sure that you will not miss the boat. The next departure time is 12.30 and the last is at 14.30 from Gili Trawangan. As usual, in the last schedule, the boat will not pass Gili Meno.

  1. Pick Up Points

We are providing an additional service which can help you a lot. The pickup service is free when you can meet us at the desired point.

The pickup points are in Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Denpasar Airport and etc. This pickup point is really easy to reach even by a new traveler.

You must be ready at that point 90 minutes until 2 hours before the departure time. The pickup time is depending on how far the place to the Padangbai.

This four thing is really helpful to know especially if you are first-time travelers who want to spend more time in Bali. You have to know that Bali isn’t just about that island.

Another island around it also has a beautiful and attractive destination. Once you go to Bali, you have to try this trip to have more experience.


Detailed Things About Fast Boat Lembongan Package

July 14, 2019

Lembongan Island is a small island near Bali. This place has a great view and some incredible spot to see. If you are having a vacation in Bali, this island must be included in your destination list. But, you need to know that Bali and Lembongan is a different island so you need to take a fast boat to go there. Here are some details about the fast boat Lembongan package :

  1. Adult Ticket and Package Price

The fast boat is the best way to go to Lembongan island from Bali. Tourist usually takes the fast boat from Sanur. The fast boat ticket actually has a cheap price. And it has a different cost for adult and kids. Let’s talk about the adult first.

There are two kinds of ticket. The first is for one way, so if you buy this you just have one chance to take the boat. Whether to go to Lembongan or go back to Bali Island. It cost 350 thousand rupiahs or 30 dollars.

The second type is two ways ticket which allows tourist to take the fast boat for going to the Lembongan and then back to Bali. It cost 550 thousand rupiahs or 45 dollars. This is cheaper than buying 2 one way tickets.

  1. Kid’s And Infant Ticket

While the kid’s ticket, of course, cost cheaper. For one way trip, it cost 200.000 rupiahs or 16 dollars. Then for two ways ticket, you should pay 350.000 rupiahs. It’s about 28 dollars. The amount of the rupiahs may depend on dollars rate.

And for infant, which is younger than 3 years old, the tourist doesn’t need to buy a ticket. It’s free for them. The kid’s ticket is only for 3 until 10 years old. Above 10 years means buying an adult ticket.

  1. Fast Boat Schedule

The fast boat’s departure has some schedule. You can adjust it to your plan. From Bali, the fast boat Lembongan package will depart at 08.30, 11.00 and 15.00.

Then, the fast boat will return to Bali island in 09.30, 13.00 and 16.30. So the tourist must be there before the schedule.

Plan the trip well because it will affect the types of fast boat Lembongan package choice. For example, if you plan to go in the morning, then maybe you will return to Bali with the last fast boat at 16.30. You can buy the two ways ticket.

But if you don’t know when you want to return yet or want to spend more time in Lembongan island without worrying about the ticket you’ve bought, simply buy the one-way ticket.

  1. More Facilities

There is some facility you will get from the fast boat. The first thing is, the boat is clean and comfortable. The boat is in good quality.

Then, you will receive a pickup and drop off service too after purchasing the fast boat ticket. You just need to wait in the hotel lobby which is located in Sanur, Kuta, Legian, or Ubud Central. Or if you are still at the airport and buying more than 2 tickets, we can also pick up at the Denpasar airport for free.

Get ready to have a great adventure with us. Make sure to book the fast boat Lembongan package 2 or 3 days before going to make sure you get the seat.

Best Place to Visit at Nusa Lembongan

July 9, 2019

We’re sure you know that Nusa Lembongan offers many outstanding sceneries you’re eager to see. In case you don’t know, here is the best place at Lembongan you could visit.

Jungut Batu

The first place you’ll visit after the sea trip from Sanur is Jungut Batu. This is the main arrival spot for tourists from Bali. Hence, the place will always look crowded with boats and ships. The main attraction of Jungut Batu is the snorkeling spot and its sunset.

Devil’s Tears

The name must be gloomy, but the place isn’t after all. Devil’s Tears is a unique beach with many black cliffs and rapid waves. When the waves crash the cliff, it’ll usually make an eyes shape. That’s why the beach called by the Devil’s Tears.

Dream Beach

Visiting Dream beach would make your Nusa Lembongan day trip price cheaper. It’s because you don’t need to pay to enter it. However, you need to take a long downstairs to come to this beach. But don’t worry, once you get to see the beach, all your exhaustion would be disappeared.

Panorama Point

If you have more time at Jungut Batu, don’t miss the chance to go to Panorama Point. It’s located on the uphill so you could see anything at the Jungut Batu village, including the beach and mountain afar. The best time to come here is during the sunset.

Mangrove Forest

Lembongan is an island surrounded by many mangrove plants. Exploring the mangrove forest with a little boat will be an interesting adventure. One of the best mangrove forests here is located on Jungut Batu.

Recommendation of Nusa Lembongan Tour Service

Most tour services offer Nusa Lembongan day trip price expensively. Moreover, if you’re a foreign tourist and still a newcomer at Bali. If you don’t choose the service carefully, you’ll get yourself pay 100% more than the real price you should afford. We don’t want this happen to you, hence we gladly recommend you Bali and Beyond Tour.

Bali and Beyond Tour have been popular because of its affordable trip fees, including Nusa Lembongan day trip price. Moreover, we offer you a full trip package per payment. For example, if you want to do the snorkeling, you don’t need to rent the equipment by yourself. Once you book a trip seat with us, you’ll get the equipment included.

Nusa Lembongan Day Trip Price By Bali and Beyond Tour

So what’s exactly the Nusa Lembongan day trip price we offer to you? Seriously, you won’t find any cheaper yet the most complete service like us. Bali and Beyond Tour have some packages you could choose, here they are.

  • Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling Activities. IDR 990k for adult and 850k for a child, including three times snorkeling, tickets, and lunch.
  • One Day Trip Full Activities. IDR 1100k (adult) and 990k (child), including island tours, tickets, snorkeling, banana boat, and lunch.
  • Twin Islands Explorer. IDR 1950k person, including hotel stay, tickets, three times eat, three times snorkeling, Lembongan and Penida island tours.
  • Stay Well Package. IDR 1500k per pax, including hotel stay, tickets, dinner, snorkeling, banana boat, and island tours)

That’s all the information about Nusa Lembongan day trip price with Bali and Beyond Tour, very cheap, isn’t it? Don’t waste more time and go get your seats booked now! Chat us on WA 085738206468 or email to

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