Best Place to Visit at Nusa Lembongan

July 9, 2019

We’re sure you know that Nusa Lembongan offers many outstanding sceneries you’re eager to see. In case you don’t know, here is the best place at Lembongan you could visit.

Jungut Batu

The first place you’ll visit after the sea trip from Sanur is Jungut Batu. This is the main arrival spot for tourists from Bali. Hence, the place will always look crowded with boats and ships. The main attraction of Jungut Batu is the snorkeling spot and its sunset.

Devil’s Tears

The name must be gloomy, but the place isn’t after all. Devil’s Tears is a unique beach with many black cliffs and rapid waves. When the waves crash the cliff, it’ll usually make an eyes shape. That’s why the beach called by the Devil’s Tears.

Dream Beach

Visiting Dream beach would make your Nusa Lembongan day trip price cheaper. It’s because you don’t need to pay to enter it. However, you need to take a long downstairs to come to this beach. But don’t worry, once you get to see the beach, all your exhaustion would be disappeared.

Panorama Point

If you have more time at Jungut Batu, don’t miss the chance to go to Panorama Point. It’s located on the uphill so you could see anything at the Jungut Batu village, including the beach and mountain afar. The best time to come here is during the sunset.

Mangrove Forest

Lembongan is an island surrounded by many mangrove plants. Exploring the mangrove forest with a little boat will be an interesting adventure. One of the best mangrove forests here is located on Jungut Batu.

Recommendation of Nusa Lembongan Tour Service

Most tour services offer Nusa Lembongan day trip price expensively. Moreover, if you’re a foreign tourist and still a newcomer at Bali. If you don’t choose the service carefully, you’ll get yourself pay 100% more than the real price you should afford. We don’t want this happen to you, hence we gladly recommend you Bali and Beyond Tour.

Bali and Beyond Tour have been popular because of its affordable trip fees, including Nusa Lembongan day trip price. Moreover, we offer you a full trip package per payment. For example, if you want to do the snorkeling, you don’t need to rent the equipment by yourself. Once you book a trip seat with us, you’ll get the equipment included.

Nusa Lembongan Day Trip Price By Bali and Beyond Tour

So what’s exactly the Nusa Lembongan day trip price we offer to you? Seriously, you won’t find any cheaper yet the most complete service like us. Bali and Beyond Tour have some packages you could choose, here they are.

  • Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling Activities. IDR 990k for adult and 850k for a child, including three times snorkeling, tickets, and lunch.
  • One Day Trip Full Activities. IDR 1100k (adult) and 990k (child), including island tours, tickets, snorkeling, banana boat, and lunch.
  • Twin Islands Explorer. IDR 1950k person, including hotel stay, tickets, three times eat, three times snorkeling, Lembongan and Penida island tours.
  • Stay Well Package. IDR 1500k per pax, including hotel stay, tickets, dinner, snorkeling, banana boat, and island tours)

That’s all the information about Nusa Lembongan day trip price with Bali and Beyond Tour, very cheap, isn’t it? Don’t waste more time and go get your seats booked now! Chat us on WA 085738206468 or email to

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