Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Price

September 3, 2019

Mount Batur’s track is attractive to the tourist because it’s not too high (1717 m). This mount has a great view of the sunrise which cannot see in another place. Here is some information about the mount Batur sunrise trek price and another important detail.

How Much Is Mount Batur Trekking Price?

The price difference for each pickup points. So when the tourist purchases the trekking ticket, they will also get the pickup service.

The pickup point is in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, and Ubud. If you are going to this trekking from Nusa Dua you must pay 60 US dollars. But if you are from another pickup point you just need to pay 50 US dollars. Nusa Dua and Jimbaran cost more expensive because the place is farther from the starting point of the mount Batur trek.

How Is The Schedule?

The pickup will start from 01.00 if you are in Nusa Dua. But if you are in Kuta or Sanur, the vehicle will pick up at 01.30. You must come before the pickup time because you have to catch the sunrise.

At 03.30 you will arrive at the starting point and having a free breakfast. After that, the trek begins until the summit crater. There, you can wait for the sunrise and see the incredible view of it.

You can walk there and take a rest until 08.00 am and then walk down the mountain. This walk will spend about an hour. After that, you will be able to go back to the hotel with our vehicle.

What Items To Bring?

For you who never done the mount climbing before, this information will be very important. Mount Batur is really cold. So you need to bring a jacket. Choose the waterproof one because you might find a dewy air.

Use long pants instead of a short one because you don’t know whether the temperature is too cold for you or not. Choose the lightest one because it will help you to walk easier.

The next thing which is important is hiking shoes. There are a lot of types of shoes. But choose the strongest one. It can be a boot or comfortable hiking shoes. The hiking shoes usually easy to step in the ground and has anti-slip sole.

Some Things To Consider

If this is your first-time mountain climbing, you may consider understanding your health. Don’t go if you are not feeling well.

The long track may make you feel tired or sick after the walk. Bring your own medicine too to prevent some incidental case.

Our guide will help you directly with pleasure. For example to take your photo or if you need a rest while climbing. Just tell them that you need a break and they will wait for you patiently.

What Can I Get By Purchasing This Trip?

The first thing that you get is a new experience. Then you don’t need to look for another vehicle to come to the starting point. We know that looking for public transportation at midnight is really hard.

So we provide a free pick up and drop off service. The next thing you will get is a free breakfast and a flashlight. The trip will be easier because the mountain track is still dark while you come.

Then you will get a local guide which can tell you all about the mountain. Your trip will not just a hiking activity but also a way to learn something new.

This mount Batur sunrise trek price is really cheap for this big experience. Imagine that you can do a sport while seeing the great view of sunrise and get new information about Mount Batur. This is a really great and fun thing to do in Bali.


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