Lembongan Islan Day Trip

September 23, 2019

Lembongan island is a small yet beautiful island near Bali. This place has its own uniqueness and different from Bali itself. You can spend more time here because there are several hotels that are so comfortable to live in. But if you only have one day to spend here, just don’t worry. Because there is Lembongan island day trip which can you do only in one day.

About Lembongan Day Trip
We provide some package of Lembongan island trip. But here are some important things about Lembongan island day trip which just need only one day.

1. What Can We Do In Lembongan Island?
In this small island, you can find some beach. Every beach is beautiful. You also can do the snorkeling activity.

We provide snorkeling tools, so you can use it easily. This activity can take you to a different point of view. Seeing sea creature, some fishes and the blue of the ocean’s water.

Then, another interesting thing to do is water sport. You can ride a banana boat once for free. The banana boat will take you to an incredible experience and maybe make your clothes wet.

2. What’s Included In One Day Trip Full Activities?
By purchasing our one day trip you will get the pickup service from the hotel. You will depart at 09.30 am from Sanur. Then go back to Bali from Lembongan at 04.00 pm.

While in Lembongan you will do snorkeling and banana boat. This trip will also give you a welcome drink and lunch.

Don’t worry if you forget to bring a towel, because we provide it for you. The last thing you can do while in Lembongan island is an island tour. You will see a while of Lembongan island.

3. How Much Is The Price?
The package price is really affordable. For an adult or child above 10 years, the price is 1.100.000 rupiahs. The for the child before 10 years old costs 990.000 rupiahs.

Its included the boat ticket for go to Lembongan and back to Sanur, Bali. You can go with friends or family to do this incredible experience without spending a lot of money or waste your time.

Plus Things About This Package
This package is really cheap. Because actually, the boat ticket itself cost more than 600 thousand rupiahs to way tickets. So the snorkeling, banana boat and island tour is really cheap.

It will be different if you come alone without joining this package. You might be confused about what things to do here alone. And need to purchase anything by your self.

First, you need to purchase a fast boat ticket. Then especially for an island tour. You need to rent a motorcycle to do this short trip. And of course, it will cost more than 1.100.000 rupiahs.

With this package, you will not need to rent any motorcycle or car. We will carry you to the whole island with our vehicle.
This package is suitable for you who need a short escape from business or work.

Going to Lembongan with this Lembongan island day trip is an awesome way to take a rest.

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