How to Get Best Bali Rafting

October 2, 2019

Having Bali rafting tours is one of the advantages you could get by visiting this island. Seriously, if you think Bali only has beaches and cultures, you get the wrong idea. Since Bali also has some stunning rafting spots you’ll regret to pass. Want to know more about rafting experience in Bali? Just check this out.

Spots You Could Visit To Do The Rafting

You could visit some rafting spots while on Bali. It’s not so many, though. But the amount of rafting rivers here is enough to give you satisfaction. Among at least seven popular rafting spots at Bali, two of them have the best fascination. These rivers also at the best tourists’ choices when they want to have Bali rafting tours.

Telaga Waja Sites

Telaga Waja is a wide, clean, and of course a rocky river. If you’re getting used to seeing rafting spot which is gloomy and eerie, you won’t find that kind of river here. Telaga Waja always gets enough sunlight despite the location at the center of the plantation.

Rather than trembling by the routes and circumstance, you could find more pleasure here. The route is still obviously rocky, but it’s an appropriate spot to do the rafting with family.

Ayung River

Contrast with Telaga Waja, Ayung river has an extreme route for 12 kilometers far. The route is full of big rocks and rapid stream. So for a newcomer, it’s very recommended to always listening to the instructor’s guide.

The Best Bali Rafting Tours You Can Get

After knowing the best spots you could visit, now the question is about Bali rafting tours you need. So, how to get the best rafting tours at Bali?

The answer is very easy; you just need to contact Bali and Beyond Tour. For years, tourists believe us as the best tour service in Bali. Not only for providing Komodo Island or for Nusa Penida tour, but we could also give you the best Bali rafting tours here.

Don’t believe what we say? You could check all about us on this site,

What Makes Bali and Beyond Tour The Best Bali Rafting Tours Service

So why do we’re being called as the best Bali rafting tours service? There are many answers to it. But according to our customers, these are things that make us spectacular.

Outstanding Facilities

We’re always committed to giving the best facilities to the customers. Once you book a surfing seat with us, you’ll get all the rafting facilities you need. The facilities we provide is more complete than any other service tours.

A Professional Instructor

During your rafting activities with Bali and Beyond Tour, a professional instructor will accompany you. We always prioritize our customer’s safety, that’s why we provide an instructor to assist you when doing the rafting.

Very Affordable Price

Our Bali rafting tours’ price is known as the most affordable one. If you’re a newcomer tourist, the tour services here mostly will use this to double the price. However, it won’t happen if you choose us. All the prices we offer are listed on our site, so you could always get the information there.

Friendly Service

We are also popular as the most friendly tour service at Bali. We understand that the core of service business is its service, so that’s what we always work for.

Easy and Simple Booking

Booking a seat on Bali and Beyond Tour is as easy as it could be. You could come to our office to do the booking, but actually, you don’t need to. You just need to chat us on 0857 3820 6468 or email us at

That’s all about Bali rafting tours with Bali and Beyond Tour. Don’t waste more time and book your adventure with us now


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